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Ping An Health and Huluwa Pharmaceutical Jointly Establish "Children's Health Academic Exchange Base"

Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (“Ping An Health” or “the Company”; Stock Code: 1833.HK) held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation between Ping An Health and Huluwa Pharmaceutical in Shanghai, and unveiled the official launch of both companies’ jointly-developed "Children's Health Management Academic Base".


Professor Xue Zheng, Vice Chairman of the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, and Director of the Pediatric Clinical Medical Center of Shanghai TCM Hospital, was invited to attend the meeting. Hou Jieke, Senior Vice President of Ping An Health; Yang Kun, Director of Ping An Health Medical Service Department; Zhou Jiajun, Head of Commercial Procurement and Pharmaceutical Enterprise Cooperation of Ping An Health; Meng Deshi, Marketing Director of Hainan Huluwa Group; and Xu Peng, General Manager of New Retail of Huluwa Pharmaceutical, among others, attended the ceremony.

The cooperation between Ping An Health and Huluwa Pharmaceutical focuses on "Caring for Children, Safeguarding Their Health" while leveraging on both companies’ complementary advantages, with the goal to jointly build a "Children's Health Management Academic Exchange Base". Both companies aim to create an online platform for academic exchange among pediatric experts and high-end pediatric clinical experts, with the goal of offering professional medical service programs that protect children's health throughout the life cycle. It is also a platform for primary care doctors and parents to experience science education. An online consultation and interaction platform has also been established to provide convenient services for community residents, enabling them to consult the experts and specialists they want without having to leave their homes when sick. This, in turn, will bolster overall medical resources and strengthen social elements to contribute to the "Healthy China 2030" national strategy.

During the meeting, Professor Xue supported the establishment of the "Children's Health Management Academic Exchange Base" from Huluwa Pharmaceutical and Ping An Health. Xue praised Huluwa Pharmaceutical for its unwavering commitment to protecting children's health over the years and its efforts to promote the popularization of children's health science. Professor Xue expressed high hopes for the scientific management and sustainable operation of the project.

A Deep Commitment to Leading the High-Quality Development of the Children Health Industry Chain

Different industries are gradually recovering from the impact of the pandemic and seeking new opportunities amid challenges. Huluwa Pharmaceutical deeply implements the core idea of "Healthy Chinese Baby" into its practices, and has increased investment in scientific research, strengthened intelligent manufacturing, improved information digitization, sped digital transformation processes, continuously explored new areas of children's health medicine, and opened new paths for children's health and public welfare science popularization in multiple ways. This cooperation aims to accelerate the integrated development of online and offline protection of children's health, which will lead the way in driving high-quality development of the children's health industry.

Meng Deshi stated that the project of "Academic Exchange Base for Child Health Management" jointly established with Ping An Health is also aimed at better developing the child health industry; building a solid and stable bridge for the interaction and communication among children, parents, and doctors; and jointly constructing a complete, scientific, and sustainable new path of development for the child health industry, setting a high-quality example for all in the profession.

With core competitive advantages of rich payer resources, a sound supplier network, leading service systems, and strong ecological empowerment, Ping An Health creates a unique business model of "managed care + family doctor membership + O2O healthcare services". As of December 31, 2022, the Company had more than 49,000 in-house/contracted external doctors team covering 23 specialties, meeting users' demands for full-scenario, multi-tiered healthcare services. This has led to a stable Grade-A medical record rate of more than 98% and a five star review rate of over 98% from users. Meanwhile, the Company has built 19 specialty medical centers and kept improving disease treatment service capabilities by enhancing collaboration with renowned doctors, with a total of over 2,000 contracted renowned doctors. In addition, the Company has partnered with over 5,000 hospitals and 224,000 pharmacies, achieving 1-hour drug delivery services in 216 cities and 24/7 drug delivery services in 88 cities.

Protected by Experts, Jointly Building a Children's Health Management Section

Ping An Health and Hulunwa Pharmaceutical officially launched the "Children's Health Management Center", a one-stop children's health management solution for millions of families. Hulunwa Pharmaceutical has been deeply involved in children's health for more than a decade, customizing medicines for children in China while continuously supporting the development of the industry chain. Hulunwa Pharmaceutical is committed to becoming a guardian of Chinese children's full life-cycle health.

The center brings together national pediatric experts and professional doctors to establish remote diagnosis zones for rare and complex childhood diseases, as well as for common pediatric illnesses. It also provides resources for family doctors to manage children's health, training on standardized diagnosis and treatment for primary care physicians, and instructs pharmacy clerks on commonly used medications for children. Additionally, it offers educational resources for parents of children concerning popular science topics related to child health. Through graphic and text popular science, expert videos, and online live broadcasts, the center widely promotes popular science education for children's health, benefiting thousands of households.

Making Academic Progress Together, Contributing to Comprehensive Improvement in Children's Health Management Levels

At the meeting, the representatives of both companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, forging a new path for the digital construction and transformation of China's children's health management, while also creating a new cooperative six-in-one model of "production, study, research, medical, use, and education". The establishment of the "Academic Communication Base for Children's Health Management" platform provides comprehensive professional services to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, distribution business, medical institutions, medical research and teaching institutions, high-end pediatric experts, professional pediatricians, primary care community doctors, pharmacy pharmacists, and children's parents in a variety of ways. These professional services include technology application, academic exchange, professional training, doctor-patient interaction, and popular science education, which will holistically empower the promotion of children's health management and decisively contribute to the implementation of the "Healthy China 2030" national initiative. In future, through the continuously deepened cooperation with Huluwa Pharmaceutical, Ping An Health will jointly write a beautiful chapter on the high-quality development of the children's healthcare industry.